Flags dreams meaning

By | April 23, 2019

Flags dreams meaning


To dream of a county flag represents the importance your feel in having or projecting a certain attitude. Feeling confident that a certain way of thinking is the best way to think. A belief in something greater than you. Consider the country’s stereotypical national attitude for additional meaning. For example, a US flag may reflect the importance you feel in having or projecting a stubbornly independent mindset to others. Alternatively it may patriotism, loyalty, or duty.

To dream of a Chinese flag may reflect your staunch loyalty to conservative views or objective behavior. Feeling confident about being conservative, patient, careful, or never taking risks or feeling that it;s important that other people see you behaving in this way.

Non-country flags may reflect issues or situations that you feel are all-important to stand by. A matter that takes precedence or your staunch loyalty to a cause. Consider the colors or objects on the flag for additional meaning.

To dream of an all white flag may reflect surrender or a non-confrontational attitude to others. Intentionally making an effort to show others that you are totally compliant. Alternatively, a white flag may reflect your staunch loyalty to a cause that is perfectly honest or moral.

To dream of a red flag represents loyal or stubborn support for beliefs that are negative, dangerous, or arrogant. A confident attitude towards being merciless. A loud or stubborn attitude about never being told what to do no matter how dangerous it gets. Loyalty to a cause that may be too excessive, dangerous, or makes you unwilling to listen at all costs. A sign that you may benefit from stopping something you are doing.

To dream of a checkered flag may represents a competitive spirit. Feeling that racing, fighting, battling, or competition is very important. Enjoying discussing or experiencing a challenge.

Example: A woman dreamed of trying to rip the swastika off the Nazi flag each night only to discover that it had been sewn back on in the morning. In waking life she was becoming exhausted trying to resist the Nazi government’s invasion of her personal life. In this case the Nazi flag may have reflected her distaste for noticing herself respecting the Nazi regime.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing an American flag. In waking life he was having financial difficulties, but felt it was important to buy things that felt good anyway because he didn’t want to feel that his money problem were controlling his life. He was stubborn about believing in himself being free to do whatever he wanted even it wasted money.



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