Festival dreams meaning

By | April 24, 2019

Festival dreams meaning


To dream of a festival represents pleasant feelings of mutual celebration or enjoyment of good news or positive change. A situation that encourages mutual sharing and joviality. Group happiness or bonding for a common cause. Holidays or milestones worth celebrating with friends and family.

Negatively, a festival in a dream may reflect feelings of joviality that is not equal among friends or family. An overeager need to share and help others if it’s going to benefit one person in some manner. Happiness for others as long as you are selfishly getting something you want. Blending in with others or complying with peer pressure in order to keep a group mood happy.

Example: A father dreamed of being at with his son and seeing his son get badly injured. In waking life he was enjoying the idea of his lazy son finally having to move out on his own. Secretly, he worried his son would experience failure if he moved out on his own. The festival symbolism may have reflected the father’s initial feelings of jovial bonding and support moving out on his own and becoming a grown man.



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