FBI dreams meaning

By | April 25, 2019

FBI dreams meaning


To dream of the FBI represent discipline or enforcement of behavior that is permanent and uncompromising. A controlling mindset that is concerned with never allowing excuses or loopholes. Feelings about being caught and never allowed to do something ever again. People may dream of the if they are fearing going to hell when they die.

To dream of being chased by the may represent feelings of powerful feelings of guilt or regret that you feel you can’t avoid. You may fear never doing what you want ever again if you get caught doing something you know is wrong. You may have pushed your limits too far and fear serious consequences. Fearing karma.

To dream of the  arresting you may reflect a big change that you have been forced to make against your will. No more excuses or loopholes. You must finally “face the music” or play by the rules after long time of avoiding it.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing evil agents off in the distance. In waking like the man was quite old and fearing “paying big” in death for the sins he felt he committed in life.



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