Face dreams meaning

By | April 26, 2019

Face dreams meaning


To dream of a face represents the personality. Ugly faces represent negative aspects of your personality or things you don’t like about yourself. Beautiful faces represent positive aspects of your personality or things that you do like about yourself. When you dream of a face it may reflect your awareness of personality changes in yourself or others.

When trying to decode the symbolism of a dream face try to focus on how the features of the face makes you feel.

To see your own being attractive points to positive feelings about your own personality. Seeing your own as ugly points to negative feelings you are having about yourself.

To dream of the left side of your may represent the logical or honest aspect of your personality.

To dream of the right side of your may represent the creative or dishonest aspect of your personality.

Example: A man dreamed of ugly, demonic, melting  pouring down a wall of red paint. In waking life he had a powerful spiritual experience taking ayahuasca that started to make him reconsider his wish to kill himself. The ugly melting  may have reflected his feelings about all the things he didn’t like about himself that drove him to want to kill himself starting to “melt away” after he found God.



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