Eyes dreams meaning

By | May 4, 2019

Eyes dreams meaning


To dream of eyes in a dream represents observation, judgments, and consciousness. The way you or some aspect of your personality sees a situation.

To dream closed eyes represents avoidance of truth or intimacy. Not wanting to consider or accept something. Alternatively, closed eyes may reflect a lack of awareness, ignorance, or naivety.

Red eyes symbolizes a negative outlook on a situation or bad intentions. A reflection of negative thinking patterns or poor choices. You or some aspect of your personality that is afraid, angry, destructive, or dishonest. Thinking patterns or areas of your life that are unhelpful.

Blue eyes symbolize positive a positive outlook on a situation or good intentions. A reflection of positive thinking patterns or good choices. You or some aspect of your personality is confident, sympathetic, constructive, or honest. Thinking patterns or areas of your life that are helpful.

To dream of dark blue eyes represents an insensitive outlook or view of a situation. Seeing a situation with a brutally honest perspective.

Dark green eyes symbolizes a selfish outlook. Selfish observations and judgments.

To dream of light green eyes may reflect feelings your ability to observe or make judgments in regard to fixing problems. An area of your life where you are very focused on healing. Awareness of yourself want to improve a situation. A progressive attitude because you feel something is not good enough. Very light shades of green may reflect a wish to stop being jealous, greedy, or arrogant.

Negatively, light green eyes can reflect jealousy, greed, or arrogance. Observing a situation from a perspective of not liking being jealous. Being very focused on not wanting to be a loser.

To dream of black eyes represents an outlook or observation on a situation based on fear or excessive behavior. An issue that consumes you with fear or that you believe is totally overboard.

To dream of yellow eyes represents an outlook or observation on a situation being self-involved. Everything you notice having to do with one issue. Noticing something all the time. Negatively, yellow eyes reflect how you are noticing everything you’re doing revolving around specific problem or fear.

To dream of bloodshot eyes represents exhausted feelings of having to notice a situation not being over yet.

To dream of sad eyes represents an outlook that is disappointed. It may also reflect a view of a situation being hopeless. Viewing a situation from the perspective that nothing you like is happening or can ever happen. Sad eye may also be a sign that you are not believing in yourself enough or giving up too easy.

To dream of bleeding eyes represents awareness of one’s self having a weakened or weakening position in a waking life situation. An outlook on a situation based through the perspective of loss of strength or vitality. Feeling that nothing can be done until you first address your problem.

To dream of rolling your eyes represents feelings of annoyance with something you feel is obvious while others may not feel the same as you. Awareness of yourself pretending to agree with someone or something you think is a loser.

To dream of eye contact can represents feelings about mutual understanding. Mutual acknowledgement or agreement. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings about realizing the important to listen to or acknowledge some aspect of yourself. Realizing how serious or important something is.

Example: A woman dreamed of looking in the mirror and seeing that her eyes were blue, when in reality they were brown. In waking life she had been making a lot of changes in her behavior to make herself a more honest person. The blue eyes in the mirror may have reflected her feelings about being aware of her outlook on life being more positive.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her mother roll her eyes. In waking life she felt that her daughter’s choice for a husband was terrible while pretend she approved of the relationship.

Example: A man dreamed of eye contact by looking into the eyes of an unattractive girl he knew from high school where both of them had similar facial gestures of respect. In waking life he was coming to terms with accepting his life being married to his wife.



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  1. Chris K

    I had a very weird dream in which mother appears at the end of ..she’s been dead for two years and I hardly dream about her. She looked beautiful and had a hair style she always wanted but with more color than was for her taste. I couldn’t speak in my dream and I just thought she was so beautiful. Somehow I saw her right eye very closely and it was Erie and large for her…not her eye. Then it got so close that it was transparent. I couldn’t shake this feeling all day. Then I spoke toy dad who has finally moved on and at 80 years old he’s dating. There have been several women he has presented to me and he sent me a picture at my request of the most recent..I enlarged her right eye of the pic he sent and my heart skipped a beat. It was the EXACT eye in my dream! I’m floored or crazy! I think it was a very direct sign but I’m feeling crazy


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