Exhaust Pipe dreams meaning

By | April 26, 2019

Exhaust Pipe dreams meaning

Exhaust Pipe

To dream of a car’s exhaust pipe or tail pipe may reflect awareness of yourself or someone else that’s feeling good not having to listen. You or someone else that is noticeably more focused on their own agenda. Feeling good ignoring people while you pursue your own goals. Feeling that other people’s concerns are “behind you” (rear position) and that you don’t need to care about issues that “negatively effect others (toxic output).

A reflection of you or someone else that wishes to be a “responsible jerk” with their personal agenda because you want to mitigate angering or insulting others as you peruse your own decisions or take control of a situation. Awareness of your goals contrasting with others. Politely asserting yourself as your pursue goals.

An exhaust pipe may also reflect a confident attitude that is aware of not having to stop what you are doing if someone else doesn’t like it.

Positively, an exhaust pipe may reflect feelings about deserving to not be singled out, picked on, or unfairly restricted.

Negatively, an exhaust pipe may reflect a complete lack of respect for other people as you freely make your own decisions or pursue your own agenda. Ruining other people’s experiences or ignoring their complaints while you enjoy yourself. Alternatively, it may reflect extreme sensitivity about small or insignificant actions being too selfish.

To better understand this symbol you may benefit from first trying to understand the symbolism for cars, which is a reflection of decision making style.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing an exhaust pipe leaking water. In waking life she felt that taking the newer nicer of two family vehicles for her own chores was selfish towards her husband and child whom she felt needed the nicer newer vehicle more than she did. The exhaust pipe in this case may have reflected her heightened feelings selfishness for her actions.



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