Evaporation dreams meaning

By | April 26, 2019

Evaporation dreams meaning


To dream of evaporation that doesn’t involve water may reflect feelings about how quickly something in waking is being lost. Negatively, it may reflect shocking disappointment at how easy it is to lose something valuable. Quick endings to a special moment. Quick endings to a relationship that made up. Financial loses that are quick and impossible to stop.

To dream of water evaporation may reflect feelings about avoiding something or avoiding listening to someone that makes a problem go away on it’s own. Uncertain situations that slowly go away on their own. Cleverly not having to get involved with a situation to make it go away on it’s own. It may also reflect surprise or shock that something you like was wasted by waiting too long.

Negatively, water evaporation may reflect an arrogant or ignorant method of avoiding being responsible so that other factors will solve the problem for you.

Example: A young girl dreamed of seeing her father’s new fiance evaporating every time she would try to hug her. In waking life she felt that he father’s new finance didn’t really like her and would keep pretending to like her and then quickly become mean again.



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