Escalators dreams meaning

By | April 27, 2019

Escalators dreams meaning


To dream of an escalator represents a situation where every single thing is done for you while you wait for it to happen. Someone may be carrying you though situation or taking care of everything you need. Making progress with ease. Rising or falling confidence. Little effort on your part as you arrive to another level of conscious, or a new phase of your waking life.

Going up an escalator symbolizes easy progress. A slow increase in understanding or confidence.

Going down an escalator could symbolize regressing or returning to old habits. It could also point to problems and setbacks slowly getting out of your control. Alternatively, going down an escalator reflects a slow return to a normal state.



3 thoughts on “Escalators dreams meaning

  1. Steph

    What about if the escalator is moving up but you run the opposite way which is down.

  2. John Doe

    What if I’m running up the escalator while it’s moving the opposite direction?

  3. Nova

    Neither example pertains to me. The escalator that I was on didn’t go neither up or down but side to side. In other words a moving escalator floor. How does this relates?


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