Elysium dreams meaning

By | April 27, 2019

Elysium dreams meaning


To dream of Elysium may represent feelings about people in your life arrogantly enjoying an easy life while excluding you or ignoring you. Feeling that all the fruit of your hard work is being enjoyed by someone arrogant who wants to erase your significance. Feeling that you no longer matter now because someone is too happy having a perfect life. Feelings of being more important than others that gives you the right to ignore others at their expense.

Alternatively, Elysium may reflect conflicting situations between “the haves” and “the have nots.” Feeling regret for ever having helped a selfish person who prefers to enjoy themselves than be concerned with your feelings ever again. Feeling good never having to listen to anyone with less power than you.

Positively, Elysium may reflect feelings of having a higher degree of privilege or concern for your well being. Feeling perfectly isolated and protected from ever having to worry when other people do. Feeling that you deserve more when other people don’t.

Example: A man dreamed of fighting people in Elysium. In waking life his jealous father tried to rip him off from a $200,000 promise once family homes were sold because his father was so arrogant with having a million dollars in the bank he never wanted to let go of feeling richer than everyone he knew. His father tried to live a perfect life of deserving more money while arrogantly ignoring his son’s need for the money.



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