Election dreams meaning

By | April 28, 2019

Elbows dreams meaning


To dream of an election may represents opposing views that are in conflict for your total agreement. Feeling conflicting possibilities pulling you towards them or urging you to make a choice. A complicated decision to make with various issues involved. A big choice to make or an issue that you feel is “for the best.”

Negatively, an election may be a sign that you have strong ideas or opinions that others aren’t interested in at all. Feeling that others aren’t listening to you or your considering your feelings at all. Alternatively, it may reflect a lot of bitterness, lies, or threats being used to get control or be liked more than others.

To dream of voting in an election represents your belief that a certain choice or direction is the only one that matters. A staunch belief or stubborn choice. An issue you are unwilling to negotiate on.

To dream of running in an election represents the feeling that attaining power or change is possible if enough people will agree with you or listen to you. Making your best efforts to convince others that your ideas or methods are the best way to manage a situation or to proceed with a problem. Trying to win people over or be liked more than someone else.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a Presidential election. In waking life he was being propositioned with ideas that would effect the future in ways that he didn’t like and actively made his opposing ideas voiced until he was left alone.



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