Ejaculation dreams meaning

By | April 28, 2019

Ejaculation dreams meaning


To dream of ejaculation represents the finality of a decision. You have chosen to do whatever it takes to make a choice, or do something. Feeling good making a choice.

To ejaculate during sex represents the finality of a choice that produces a new life situation, habit, or insight.

To ejaculate outside the body represents unproductive choices, or disappointments. Feeling good never having to be serious about a final choice. Enjoying experiencing something without any obligations or new problems created.

To dream of a person ejaculating on another person represents feelings of lingering failure, unfulfilled promises, or disappointments. One aspect of your personality created a problem for another one. Intentional humiliation of others with more power than them.



5 thoughts on “Ejaculation dreams meaning

  1. Murandastanley@gmail.com

    It’s now three times dreaming making sex with a lady and i will produce. What is the meaning of that.

      1. Anonymous005

        Had a dream where I wasn’t the main character it was some male. It appeared to me he was working with his male friend on an ‘social experiment’.

        They entered a dairy farm and there was one large inflatable utter. His friend said it was to mask the cow’s indenity because there are so many species of cow it could influence him and his results.

        For 4 days, they asked the male protagonist to suckle the inflatable utter and judge its taste and if the cow needed a different diet etc.

        On the 5 day after the testing was finished his friend deflated the large inflatable utter and a male cow was present.

        Because I’m on this page.. I’m trying to figure out why on Earth my subconscious dreamed about a male unknowingly drinking cow sperm-soup.

        The only aspect I think that sorta ties back to my irl experience is that lately I’ve been feeling more uncomfortable after consuming milk or milk products … had pudding this week and it didn’t sit well with me. Think the sperm in this case is that uncomfortable or gross favor in my dream… maybe my subconscious is informing me I no longer need milk from cows. My sister and Mom are lactose intolerant so now it’s probably triggering me.

        Dreams are so fascinating, lol


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