Ejaculation dreams meaning

By | April 28, 2019

Ejaculation dreams meaning


To dream of ejaculation represents the finality of a decision. You have chosen to do whatever it takes to make a choice, or do something. Feeling good making a choice.

To ejaculate during sex represents the finality of a choice that produces a new life situation, habit, or insight.

To ejaculate outside the body represents unproductive choices, or disappointments. Feeling good never having to be serious about a final choice. Enjoying experiencing something without any obligations or new problems created.

To dream of a person ejaculating on another person represents feelings of lingering failure, unfulfilled promises, or disappointments. One aspect of your personality created a problem for another one. Intentional humiliation of others with more power than them.



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  1. Murandastanley@gmail.com

    It’s now three times dreaming making sex with a lady and i will produce. What is the meaning of that.


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