Eel dreams meaning

By | April 28, 2019

Eel dreams meaning


To dream of an eel represents feelings about behavior being so emotionally cold that other people’s feelings aren’t cared about at all. Emotional emptiness that doesn’t listen at all. Awareness of yourself being able to scare people with taking opportunities for yourself that don’t benefit them at all.

Positively, an eel may reflect warnings or threats of taking something away from someone if they aren’t careful about respecting you. Authoritative warnings of consequences that will take something away as though it didn’t matter at all.

Alternatively, an eel may reflect a fear of something being taken from you if you aren’t perfectly careful. A fear of losing something if you get to close to a person or situation. A cold empty person that scares you. A fear of someone else’s cold-hearted selfishness hurting you. A fear of having to know someone you feel is dangerous to be close to. A fear of a warning you were given. Confronting the reality of not listening to a warning you were given. A fear of not handling yourself properly with a dangerous situation.

Example: A man dreamed of an eel that was anti-social and would hide. In waking life he believed he was a spiritual healer and noticed that if he talked about dangerous spiritual topics nobody wanted to talk to him anymore. The eel may have reflected his awareness of people not liking discussing spiritual topics with dangerous warnings associated with them.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of having a tattoo of an eel on her chest and feeling that her boyfriend wouldn’t like it if he saw it. In waking life her boyfriend wanted to have children and she was considering taking on more responsibilities at work and considering future career goals instead. The eel tattoo may have reflected her feelings about enjoying being noticed by people as someone who could easily take a successful career at any time while also being aware of how negative her boyfriend would feel about it.



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  1. Jodie

    I had a dream I was on a wooden plank sailing over a murky lake or river. Dog happily laying on my chest. Attempting to put stuff together on the dock they began to slip in, so I held what I could. One item being my laptop which fell in, yelling at my ma to grab it she panicked instead and did nothing. I turned and jumped in allowing my feet to touch the sand, carefully moving to to try and feel for it. Suddenly my dad pulled me out and was like, “Look.” looking down into the water still panicking over the laptop it’s clear and I see these two large pink whitish eels. There is one behind and kinda around each other. Finally my dad says, “I think they were trying to get you to step on something..” but I’m too focused and freaked about my laptop I could care less. A bit uneasy by how they look but my dad has to hold me until I calm down. Instead I wake up hyperventilating. Irl I’m trying to join the military which my dad doesn’t want me to go, he wants me happy but he also wants me safe.. I tried testing and failed that like two days ago hence have to wait another month to try again. I had two sergeants in charge of me around this time so wondering if any of that is involved? Not sure.


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