Edward Scissorhands dreams meaning

By | April 28, 2019

Edward Scissorhands dreams meaning

Edward Scissorhands

To dream of Edward Scissorhands may represent an aspect of your personality that ruins or compromises everything it get involved with. Positively, it may reflect exceptionally powerful problem solving skills or professional experience that may be best to keep private.

Negatively, it may reflect a recurring tendency to fail or embarrass yourself influencing people. Dangerous influencing abilities. Fearing that your influence is so strong that it could become dangerous for someone else if you aren’t careful.

Professional advice, skills, or experience that has can dangerous consequences if you are not mindful of your power. The potential to make someone very jealous in a dangerous way if you showcase your powerful skills too much. Regretting showing off your professional skills because a situation is because too dangerous or jealous to continue showing off.

Getting too involved with something you are neglecting to be perfectly careful about. Feeling that you look like a dangerous crazy person if you try to look like an expert when you aren’t one. Embarrassing yourself looking crazy if you try to be an expert in a subject other people can never believe.

Example: A woman with excellent problem solving skills once dreamed of pushing Edward Scissorhands away from her. In waking life she began to realize that her critical and logical personality may be detrimental to her friendships.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of Edward Scissorhands. In waking life she was becoming aware of herself being a dangerous influence to her young daughter while her divorce was underway. She became to feel that anything she said about her husband or divorce to her young daughter may be causing serious negative influences in how the daughter felt about her family and father.

Example 3: A woman dreamed seeing Edward Scissorhands. In waking life she was having powerful visions on a daily basis and when she tried to tell her husband about it he had her committed to a mental institution. Edward Scissorhands may have reflected her feelings of embarrassment for having discussed her visions and making herself look like a crazy dangerous person who can’t be trusted again.



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