Eating dreams meaning

By | April 28, 2019

Eating dreams meaning


To dream of eating represents the “taking in” of ideas or experiences. Having a certain type of experience based on the symbolism of whatever it is you are eating. Enduring a certain type of emotional situation.

Often times dreaming about eating reflects how you are choosing to nourish yourself emotionally in a situation. For example, eating a living alligator may reflect the ease with which you endure a dangerous or threatening experience where you are overpowering or easily confronting a dangerous or threatening experience.

Positively, eating may reflect feelings of satisfaction or contentment with the type of life experience you are having. Confidently experiencing a situation based on the symbolism of whatever it is you are eating.

Negatively, eating may reflect you or someone else in your life that is arrogantly putting themselves first. It may also reflect feelings of being forced to experience something you don’t really like. Alternatively, it may reflect nourishing yourself with negative or dishonest emotions.

To dream of eating too much food may reflect feelings of having indulged in a situation or experience too much. Too much of a good thing.

To dream of being eaten may reflect feelings about a slow humiliating defeat. Feeling powerless to avoid defeat. Feelings of never mattering again while in the presence of someone more powerful than you are. Feeling that being defeated is too easy. Disillusionment with something that gave you hope or a sense of security. Feeling that you are being overtaken by something more aggressive or more powerful than you are.

To dream of eating food that tastes bad may reflect feelings about situations that are unpleasant or disappointing. Enduring a situation to please someone else or a dislike of having to behave out of your normal character.

To dream of eating rotting food may reflect feelings about experiencing or enduring a situation that feels spoiled or wasted.

Example: A man dreamed of eating chicken. In waking life he was feeling very confident after having overcome a fear that had originally made him feel like a coward for fearing. The eating in this case may have reflecting how he was enjoying or taking in” the experience of no longer feeling like a coward.




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  1. Elise Renee Gingerich

    I was eating scrambled eggs in my dream last night!! the scrambled eggs were warm and filling in the dream last night, because I was hungry in the dream is why……!! tasty eggs!!


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