Earwax dreams meaning

By | April 28, 2019

Earwax dreams meaning


To dream of earwax represents your disgust or embarrassment that something negative you’ve heard about yourself is true. Feeling bad noticing that you have to fix something unpleasant about yourself. Saying to yourself “I can’t believe that’s what my problem is.”

Positively, earwax may reflect your fascination or discovery that there is a significant way to improve yourself because in naivity or ignorance didn’t know what you were doing



3 thoughts on “Earwax dreams meaning

  1. sara

    hi I am a 61 years old woman and In my dream I was holding a fan to dry my ears. across the window someone was watching me and this person came closer and it turned out we knew each other. suddenly we both were sitting in a waiting room of an ear specialist. the doctor came and gave me a remedy to put in my ears and when i did the doctor was was not happy. the doctor gave me the remedy not for using now but later. It was too late and i put the remedy in my ear and got wax coming out. when I was putting the remedy in my ear with my finger i also noticed there was a lesson in my ear. so in this dream i had a sort of infection or sore ear but in waking life i have no problem with my ear.

  2. Carolyn Anne McGee

    Had a dream of pulling a large ammount of brownish earwax from my ear.Does this have meaning? I am in recovery and hold onto guilt and shame and forgiving myself.

  3. Anonymous

    I’m having these dreams every night I don’t normally look at this sort of stuff but wow I couldn’t agree more im trying to recover and im having these dreams most nights and it has happened out of shame and guilt it’s so true


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