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The letter E represents comfort, ease or relaxation. You’re comfortable where you are mentally or emotionally. E reflects a time for the “dust to settle”, adapting to change, or the end of an unpleasant situation. You may now be confronting the consequences of a “shake up” or unstable time.

E is the 5th letter of the alphabet and in numerology 5 represents change.

Egyptian People dreams meaning

Egyptian People To dream of Egyptian people represents an aspect of yourself that accepts itself as obvious. Expecting obvious behavior that doesn’t cause embarrassment. Telling others that ideas are obviously more interesting or superior. Sensitivity about being acknowledged first or that your ideas are obviously more important. Positively, Egyptian people may reflect a stubborn refusal… Read More »

Eiffel Tower dreams meaning

Eiffel Tower To dream of the Eiffel Tower represents dignity and integrity on display to others that is beyond reproach. You or someone else that is unquestionably noticed as “too good”, too upstanding, or impossible to embarrass. A sense of pride in knowing you earned what you have and will never be asked to demean… Read More »

Eight Ball dreams meaning

Eight Ball To dream of an eight ball represents a final obstacle to getting the closure you want in a situation. That last thing you need to finish something off or end a problem. Alternatively, an eight ball may reflect an opportunity for closure that is at risk. Feeling the pressure or danger of not… Read More »

Ejaculation dreams meaning

Ejaculation To dream of ejaculation represents the finality of a decision. You have chosen to do whatever it takes to make a choice, or do something. Feeling good making a choice. To ejaculate during sex represents the finality of a choice that produces a new life situation, habit, or insight. To ejaculate outside the body… Read More »

Elbows dreams meaning

Elbows To dream of an elbow represents flexibility or being able to adjust. Being open to alternative choices or opinions. To attack someone with an elbow represents a need for space. It may also reflect assertiveness or making boundaries known. To dream of injury to the elbow represents an inability to be flexible or a… Read More »

Elderly dreams meaning

Elderly To dream of elderly people represents experience or the wisdom to know better. Having “been there and done that.” Re-experiencing a similar situation. Sound advice coming from experience. It may also reflect boredom with something you know too well. Old women may reflect experience with supporting others or being screwed over. Old men may… Read More »

Election dreams meaning

Election To dream of an election may represents opposing views that are in conflict for your total agreement. Feeling conflicting possibilities pulling you towards them or urging you to make a choice. A complicated decision to make with various issues involved. A big choice to make or an issue that you feel is “for the… Read More »

Electric Chair dreams meaning

Electric Chair To dream of an electric chair represents the potential for total humiliation and permanent failure. A sign that you may have guilt and fear consequences that may be embarrassing. Fearing being paraded in the full disclosure of your failure or misdeeds before being permanently excluded in some way. To dream of seeing someone… Read More »

Electrical Outlet dreams meaning

Electrical Outlet To dream of an electrical outlet represents feelings about the ability to easily obtain access to feelings of power. Negatively, an electrical outlet may reflect obsession with convenience or abusing something that is easy. Naive beliefs that having something or being with someone will fix your whole life. Alternatively, a electrical plug may… Read More »

Electricity dreams meaning

Electricity To dream of electricity represents power, vigor, and life energy in some area of your life. Certain thoughts, emotions or situations are very much alive. To dream of blue electricity represents positive power and life energy. Positive thoughts and situations are having a noticeable or powerful influence in some area of your life. To… Read More »

Elementary School dreams meaning

Elementary School To dream of elementary school (grades 1-8) represents general concerns, fears, anxieties, or insecurities. You are caring or sensitive about an issue, but may not feel powerful or capable enough to do anything about it. Where as high school reflects concerns or anxieties involving having power, status, or capability, an elementary school suggests… Read More »

Electrocution dreams meaning

Electrocution To dream of electrocution represents a failure to perceive how powerful a situation in your life was. A misjudgment or naive perception about the power or strength of a situation. Experiencing a loss or failure because you underestimated someone. Alternatively, dreaming of electrocution may be a warning sign that you need to be more… Read More »