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The letter E represents comfort, ease or relaxation. You’re comfortable where you are mentally or emotionally. E reflects a time for the “dust to settle”, adapting to change, or the end of an unpleasant situation. You may now be confronting the consequences of a “shake up” or unstable time.

E is the 5th letter of the alphabet and in numerology 5 represents change.

Eagles dreams meaning

Eagles To dream of an eagle represents your sense of pride and self-determination. An area of your life that makes you feel powerful, free, accomplished, or gives you some level of independence. To see an angry or evil eagle in a dream represents an attack on your pride or independence. You don’t like to compromise… Read More »

Earrings dreams meaning

Earrings To dream of earrings represents a quality in ourselves that we want others to admire or respect. It may be a sign that you or someone else craves attention or wants to be recognized. Enjoying hearing people talking about you. To dream of taking your earrings off represents feelings of not wanting attention or… Read More »

Ears dreams meaning

Ears To dream of ears represents receptivity. Being open or receptive to guidance or new ideas. To dream of whispering into an ear represents sharing of privileged information or guidance. To dream of an ear being pulled may symbolize feelings of forced to accept guidance or new ideas. Example: A man once dreamed of seeing… Read More »

Earth dreams meaning

Earth To dream of the earth represents your feelings or perception of your entire life at the current moment. A situation that you are totally immersed right now. The dominating theme or purpose of your life. Alternatively, dreaming of the may reflect feeling that your whole life or future is on the line. Something bigger… Read More »

Earthquakes dreams meaning

Earthquakes To dream of an earthquake represents a “shake-up” or loss of stability. Extreme upheaval in your life or with a relationship. You may be experiencing unexpected changes or new developments. A loss of structure or balance. An event that shakes the foundation of your life. The stability of your life is at risks. Feeling… Read More »

Earthworms dreams meaning

Earthworms To dream of earthworms represents feelings about preferring to stay unnoticed. It may also reflect feelings of being annoyed that someone else wants you to stay unnoticed whenever you try to get attention. People or situations that annoying elude your grasp when you get close to them. To dream that you are an earthworm… Read More »

Earwax dreams meaning

Earwax To dream of earwax represents your disgust or embarrassment that something negative you’ve heard about yourself is true. Feeling bad noticing that you have to fix something unpleasant about yourself. Saying to yourself “I can’t believe that’s what my problem is.” Positively, earwax may reflect your fascination or discovery that there is a significant… Read More »

Earwigs dreams meaning

Earwigs To dream of an earwig represents annoyance of being liked by someone or something that you find unpleasant. Feeling that someone or something is so gross that you can’t believe that it wants to know you or be close to you. Disgust with a person or situation that is pursuing you. An earwig may… Read More »

Easter Eggs dreams meaning

Easter Eggs To dream of easter eggs represents feelings about how wonderful it is that someone wanted you to find something special. Feeling that something incredible was waiting for you. You may be amazed by something you new you’ve discovered. Feeling good having found something. Potential, bewilderment and wonder. To dream of an easter egg… Read More »

Eating dreams meaning

Eating To dream of eating represents the “taking in” of ideas or experiences. Having a certain type of experience based on the symbolism of whatever it is you are eating. Enduring a certain type of emotional situation. Often times dreaming about eating reflects how you are choosing to nourish yourself emotionally in a situation. For… Read More »