DVDs dreams meaning

By | April 29, 2019

DVDs dreams meaning


To dream of a DVD represents an experience that you can have whenever you want. A situation or encounter that you can triggered at will. It may also reflect an ability to relive or repeat a certain kind of experience whenever you feel like it.

A DVD may reflect leisurely experiences you can enjoy whenever you want, the ability to manipulate people or situations to your will, or the ability to take time off whenever you please to pursue interests.

To dream of someone stealing your DVDs represents a person or situation that has compromised your ability to do what you want. You may feel less free, less welcome, or unable to enjoy yourself. People may also not respond to you the same or have as much time to spend with you as before.

Example: A girl once dreamed of watching a smurf dvd with her boyfriend. In waking life she was enjoying talking to him daily about all the wonderful things they were going to do with each other like sharing a house, having kids, or going places together.



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