Drones dreams meaning

By | April 29, 2019

Drones dreams meaning


To dream of a drone that you aren’t controlling may represent anxiety about your privacy being easily invaded. Feeling controlled by someone else as though it was too easy or automated. Unpleasant feelings or frustrations about being unable to stop someone from knowing every single thing you’re doing. Feeling that you can’t argue with someone who is keeping tabs on you. Feeling someone is a bit of a jerk about always knowing what you are doing no matter what.

Drones with weapons on them may also reflect anxiety about being embarrassed or made to look like loser without warning.

To dream of a drone that you are controlling may reflect feelings of having the power to observe a situation or other people without constraint. Drones with weapons may reflect your power to embarrass or fail someone at any moment with impunity. Negatively, a drone may reflect a lack of respect for others privacy or personal space. Thinking that your need to know things is more important that someone else’s feelings. Keeping that it’s important to keep tabs on someone else no matter what.



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