Dreadlocks dreams meaning

By | April 30, 2019

Dreadlocks dreams meaning


To dream of dreadlocks represents a mindset that is laid back or never thinks something is a problem. Negatively, dreadlocks may reflect laziness or some area of your life where you are noticing yourself being a slob. It may also be a sign that you aren’t as concerned about something as someone else is.

Example: A young man dreamed touching his dreadlocks. In waking life he had just broken up with his girlfriend with a friendly mutual understanding.



8 thoughts on “Dreadlocks dreams meaning

  1. Anonymous

    Honestly bias is so common, I should not be surprised that I now need to find a site with contributors of The African dystopia which means that these interpretations are definitely for entertainment for white people only And have nothing to do with the spiritual realm. I was told by a sister from Uganda that the colonizer taught dreads were in a similar light now I know to block this site. People of color I might consider other sources

  2. Proud Black Women With Locs

    This site is definitely racist and very offensive and doesn’t include people of color. So, I definitely will not believe some blog site that claims they know dream interpretations when they can’t even dream for themselves because whoever made this knows that they are ignorant and very much vibrating on a low frequency

  3. tulu

    all of the dream interpretations regarding locs on MULTIPLE websites are incredibly racist


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