Drawbridge dreams meaning

By | April 30, 2019

Drawbridge dreams meaning


To dream of a drawbridge represents a change or transition that requires conditions to be perfect first. Feeling that you need to wait for permission to “pass” a situation. You or someone else can’t progress or do something different until a required condition occurs first.

Alternatively, a drawbridge may reflect the emotional requirements letting go or opening up to someone. You may have drawn a line or have made boundaries for yourself. A condition in a relationship that must be “just right” to allow progress.

Negatively, a drawbridge may reflect feelings of impatience about making a transition or change in your life. Unbearable wait to change your life. Feeling that someone is taking too long or wasting your time. Feeling that someone is cutting you off.

To dream of a drawbridge going up represents feelings about a person or situation thinking something else is more important than your need to easily transition or pass a situation. Some is refusing explain their demands. Feeling that you have to wait for something more important than your need to finish.

To dream of a drawbridge going down may reflect feelings about a person or situation easing it’s restrictions on progress. Feeling comfortable allowing progress to continue.

To dream of driving over that is lifting up may reflect a fear of being cut off from an important opportunity in your life. Impatience or risk taking to bypass a transitory phase in your life. An unwillingness to wait for permission. Taking a dangerous risk to move on with your life.



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