Drain dreams meaning

By | April 30, 2019

Drain dreams meaning


To dream of a drain represents your ability to let go or release something for good. How well you can let go of people, beliefs, emotions, or situations. Consider the condition and appearance of the drain for additional symbolism. Problems that you feel can be slowly tapered down, released, or relieved.

Negatively, drains may reflect feelings of losing grip on a situation. Feeling forced to let go of a situation, control, or a relationship when you don’t want to. An area of your life that you feel is “going down the drain.”

To dream of a drain that is blocked represents a difficulty letting go for good. You may not like letting go of something or don’t like believing you have to. Beliefs or relationships that are too hard to let go of. Alternatively, it may represent some wasted effort or embarrassing loss.

To dream of draining a sink represents feelings about letting go of something for good. A backup problem is slowly being resolving or going away. It may also reflect the end of a cleansing stage of your life. Easy progress. Confidence in watching a problem or difficult moment improve on it’s own. Feeling that it’s easy to move on from a situation.

To dream of draining a person or device of power may reflect feelings about trying to exhaust something of energy. Feelings about yourself becoming exhausted in some manner. Observing yourself or someone else becoming exhausted and not doing anything to stop it.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing bubblegum stuck in a drain that he was trying to remove. In waking life he was having difficulty getting over a girl he liked. He couldn’t let go of his desire for her because he enjoyed thinking about her too much.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing water on the floor drain into a hole in the wall and go into the basement. In waking life he had was webmaster who was confronting a jealous competitor who was trying to spam his website with negative promotions so the Google search engine would deindex him. He configured a disavow file to list all the negative web domains the competing webmaster used against him so Google would help him to ignore the spamming with ease.



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  1. Anonymous

    That makes sense. I do dream of water when upset and I am sadly letting go of my poor mentally emotionally unwell family…so drain littered with seeds in water and swirling through pipes and grids. Reluctantly letting go but with sediment of belonging

  2. Penelope Pinzingerich

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