Doctor Who dreams meaning

By | May 1, 2019

Doctor Who

Doctor Who

To dream of Doctor Who represents an aspect of your personality that feels good confronting negativity that feels impossible because if one thing is wrong then everything might be ruined. Confronting seemingly impossible constraints against time, knowledge, or power. Feeling that you aren’t a grown up if you don’t fix a nearly impossible problem perfectly. Feeling that you need to fix an impossible problem in total secret or your entire life might confront embarrassment. Feelings that “the entire universe” depends on your actions.

Negatively, dreaming about may reflect an excessive belief in the importance of fixing a problem at all costs. Excessive responsibility to resolve difficult conflicts because you believe normal life will be forever left imbalanced. Feeling good showing off fixing impossible problems.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing . In waking life he felt the need to resolve an impossible problem in secret without being witnessed because he feared being laughed at while also believing that the problem was so important that his life could be ruined if he didn’t fix it.



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