Disneyland dreams meaning

By | May 1, 2019

Disneyland dreams meaning


To dream of Disneyland represents feelings of your life revolving about recreation or enjoyment all the time. Having a non-stop “blast.” Liking yourself liking your life all the time. Disneyland can sometimes reflect feelings of enjoying yourself being sexually attractive or enjoying being powerful in some manner. A positive or enjoyable experience that you feel would make your life “the happiest time on earth.”

Negatively, may reflect a powerful desire to be happy that you can’t seem to achieve.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing from the parking lot with concrete parking curbs blocking him. In waking life he was overweight and had lost a lot of weight in the hospital that he couldn’t keep off. The  scenery he couldn’t get to reflected his enjoyment of life while being skinny that he couldn’t achieve because he couldn’t keep the weight off.



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  1. Chris Serino

    Disneyland has full of magic and dreams comes true and how to Believe that it’s felt Real go on magical Rides how we felt that it’s my Question to Know I love flying with Peter at Neverland and fall down in magical hoe with Alice and dive down with Ariel and her Sea animals friends how we Felt it


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