Dirt dreams meaning

By | May 1, 2019

Dirt dreams meaning


To dream of seeing dirt represents problems or difficulties that have to be dealt with. Unpleasant feelings about how hard or unfair life feels. Trouble. Feelings about something not being easy. Feeling that people or a situation doesn’t like you.

To dream of delivering or dumping a pile of may reflect a difficulties you are intentionally giving someone else. A sign you are bitter or spiteful.

To dream of shoveling a pile of away represents unpleasant feelings about doing whatever you can with a troubling problem. Shoveling into a hole may represent unpleasant feelings about slowly getting closure you desire.

To dream of eating may represent feelings about how terrible it is to accept very unpleasant conditions. Having to accept nothing or total embarrassment.

To dream of having  thrown in your face may represents feelings about being forced to think about a difficult or unpleasant problem. Feeling that an enemy enjoys you having to be noticed with flaws or problems. Feeling that you are intentionally being made to think you aren’t perfect.



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