Desk Globe dreams meaning

By | May 3, 2019

Desk Globe dreams meaning

Desk Globe

To dream of a desk globe represents feelings about an central issue or powerful resource being used to easily understand people any time you want. Issues which life revolves around being used to learn about what other people honestly think. Feeling that “whole world is in your hands.” People’s honest thoughts or feelings can’t escape you.

Negatively, a desk globe may reflect the ease with which you can change conditions to manipulate people. A lack of respect for total power or manipulative abilities. Never having to ask for what you want or respect someone if you don’t want to. Abuse of authority or surveillance capabilities.

Alternatively, a desk globe may reflect the ease with which you use powerful connections or resources.

Example: A young woman dreamed of walking and riding her bike on top of . In waking life she got in trouble with an authority figure and felt that she had to fix the problem she created while feeling she couldn’t escape this authority figure’s total power over them which their welded with great ease to keep checking on her.



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