Degree (University) dreams meaning

By | May 2, 2019

Degree (University) dreams meaning

Degree (University)

To dream of having a university degree represents feelings about having endured a very intensive or anxiety filled experience. Experience gained from a powerful crisis or fear-filled situation. A long period of time of intense worry or seriousness that has left you exceptionally skilled or more intelligent than you were before.

Negatively,  may reflect strong feelings of jealousy at having to endure a powerfully scary or stressful time that was unnecessary. Having to “learn the hard way” why certain actions or behaviors are a bad idea. Having survived a crisis or prolonged humiliating embarrassment and learned a lot from the experience.

Example: A young man dreamed of standing at an intersection and having to choose which road to turn at. He chose to risk turning right with full awareness that it would require getting a . In waking life he was warned by a business partner about how dangerous a choice was and took it anyway which ended up in years of trouble to restore his life.



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