Decorating dreams meaning

By | May 2, 2019

Decorating dreams meaning


To dream of decorating a house represents feelings of making a situation special.

Negatively, decorating a house may reflect an arrogant or inconsiderate attitude about every single decision you make needing to feel good being permanent. Needing all decisions to feel good being perfect and in your favor. Decision-making the revolves around yourself being special. Selfishly believing that everything in your life should feel good being easy. Wasting time making something feel special. Attempting to mask or cover your real feelings because you don’t want to address the real matter at hand.

To dream of lacking decorations may reflect feelings about a situation having nothing special about it. A situations that lacks enthusiasm for people’s feelings. A bland or empty feeling relationship.

To dream of Christmas decorating represents a wish to encourage mutual sharing, forgiveness, or enjoyment. Making a effort to make a relationship feel good. Making an effort to make other people feel deserving of something that want. Enthusiasm for other people’s feelings. Trying hard to encourage good-spiritedness. Special efforts made to encourage overlooking past problems.

Negatively, Christmas decorations in a dream may reflect wasting time trying to repair failed relationship with nice gestures. Being nice to people who are not being nice to you in hopes to fix a problem. Naively believing that being nice, supportive, or forgiving will fix a serious problem.

To dream of decorating a gravestone represents feelings about trying to feel better about something that doesn’t matter anymore. Trying to feel better about a lose. Alternatively, it may reflect an attempt to cheer yourself up about the loss of a loved one.

Example: A man dreamed of decorating a gravestone. In waking life he was unhappy with his job and tried to make his remaining time around his coworkers feel as special as he could while he searched for another job.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing the inside of a building with no decorations. In waking life she was renting a room in her house to her son and didn’t like treating him special.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of putting up Christmas decorations. In waking life she was trying really hard to be nice to her ex-boyfriend to try to repair their failed relationship.



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