Daycare dreams meaning

By | May 3, 2019

Daycare dreams meaning


To dream of a daycare represents your perspective on plans or responsibilities that you want to “pick up” on later on. Laying the groundwork or making plans for things that you are too preoccupied to deal with right now. You might be telling yourself that you want to do something as soon as you’re free to. A sign that you are too distracted to do something you really want.

To dream of being looked after at a daycare represents feelings that you aren’t a priority. Someone may be making plans with you or making promises, but is currently too busy for you. The daycare may reflect beliefs or situations intended to temporarily distract you.

The condition of the reflects how you feel while you are forced to wait for something more important or interesting to happen.

Example: A girl dreamed of kissing her crush inside . In real life she had a boyfriend, but was considering dating another guy. The daycare represented her plan to date the new guy that she couldn’t currently do anything about because she was dating someone else. Flirting, body language, or showing up in places he was at were all things used to “look after her baby” for when the current relationship failed.



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