Dam dreams meaning

By | May 3, 2019

Dam dreams meaning


To dream of a dam represents feelings about a negative or uncertain situation being kept under control. A negative situation that is being kept on hold. Repressed emotions or problems. Pent up emotions. Behavior that is focused on acting professional or respectable about avoiding causing others stress. A problem that is being slowly tapered off. Keeping angry or unpleasant emotions inside to prevent fighting. Relationship issues being repressed or left undiscussed to avoid conflict.

To dream of a bursting dam represents uncertainty or a negative situation that you can’t control anymore. Losing control of your emotions. Anger that can’t be repressed any longer. You are overwhelmed by a problem or conflict. An outpouring of negativity that is unstoppable. Feeling that you can’t hold back your honest feelings or beliefs any longer. Massive change that can’t be delayed any longer. Disappointment in yourself for not being as supportive for someone else as you believed you could have been.

Example: A man dreamed of being unable to save his sons from drowning in a dam. In waking life he felt he was failing as a parent because he couldn’t be around for his children all the time. The dam in the dream may have reflected his feelings about his attempt to responsibly make his children’s lives easier when he wasn’t around by using his money to “hold off” problems bad influences for his children.

Example 2 : A man dreamed of walking near a dam. In waking life he was very happy with his new job promotion and felt good about his job security controlling all his family problems and giving him peace of mind.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of a damn bursting. In waking life she was avoiding speaking to her boyfriend to avoid a fight when suddenly her boyfriend began to insult her and it caused them to fight.



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