Daisy dreams meaning

By | May 4, 2019

Daisy dreams meaning


To dream of a daisy flower represents feelings about how nice or positive it feels to to witness the choosing of honesty on it’s own. Feelings about how nice or positive it is to observe a person or situation intentionally trying hard to care about your feelings. Enjoying noticing that everything is working out. Noticing innocence, simplicity, or friendliness. Admiring someone who has supported you with your problems.

Enjoying noticing something negative being permanently removed, banished, or dead. Enjoying noticing self-defeat of enemies. Enjoying noticing that a situation is completely removed of the dishonesty it once had. Feeling good noticing that a bad person or problem can never return. Feeling good noticing that nobody wants to get you back. Showing other people that you feel good never wanting to get revenge on them. Feeling good noticing that life is safer than it previously was.

Negatively, daisies may reflect a naive belief that everyone’s feelings are important to be notice respected. Naively believing that everyone is honest. Honest intentions gone overboard. Thinking that it’s a wonderful thing to notice someone is dead. The tendency of wealthy people or nice people to be naively unrealistic about danger.



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