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The letter D in a dream represents confrontation with sacrifice. Full awareness of a situation that demands that you give something up or put others first.

The symbolism is based on the design of the letter D being a straight line that is facing a half circle. The straight line reflects confrontation and the half circle reflect something that is incomplete. This symbolism is supported by the fact that the letter D is the 4th letter of the alphabet where 4 in numerology symbolizes sacrifice.

D is also the roman numeral for 500.

Danish People dreams meaning

Danish People To dream of Danish people represents an aspect of yourself that is critical or complaining a lot. You or someone else that is always noticing something wrong. Negatively, it may reflect your or someone else that is too concerned with finding something wrong. Stepping over the line being rude about other people’s problems.… Read More »

Eyepatch dreams meaning

Eyepatch To dream of an eyepatch represents full awareness of yourself thinking negatively and not wanting to be noticed for it. Not wanting to think that something you’re doing or thinking is wrong. It may also reflect your wish to exploit others and get away with it. Example: A young man dreamed of seeing someone… Read More »

Eyes dreams meaning

Eyes To dream of eyes in a dream represents observation, judgments, and consciousness. The way you or some aspect of your personality sees a situation. To dream closed eyes represents avoidance of truth or intimacy. Not wanting to consider or accept something. Alternatively, closed eyes may reflect a lack of awareness, ignorance, or naivety. Red… Read More »

Daffodils dreams meaning

  Daffodils To dream a daffodil represents being pleased with someone who shows you that they will always “be there” for you. It feels amazing to have someone show you how much they care about you. Observing a pattern of long-term support. Appreciating someone who shows they will always “have your back” makes me feel… Read More »

Dagger dreams meaning

Dagger To dream of a dagger represents feelings about conflict that uses serious last resort choices. A willingness to embarrass someone with nothing else ever again if all else fails to help you. Feeling good knowing you have a backup plan to permanently deal with enemies or problems. Negatively, a dagger may reflect petty acts… Read More »

Daisy dreams meaning

Daisy To dream of a daisy flower represents feelings about how nice or positive it feels to to witness the choosing of honesty on it’s own. Feelings about how nice or positive it is to observe a person or situation intentionally trying hard to care about your feelings. Enjoying noticing that everything is working out.… Read More »

Damage dreams meaning

Damage To dream of damage represents feelings about something bad that happened to ruin the integrity of a situation or relationship. Original expectations ruined by something bad that happened. New problems. Feeling guilty. Feelings about the consequences of irresponsible or reckless behavior. Jealousy that something is not as good as you expected it to be.… Read More »

Dance Exercise Class dreams meaning

Dance Exercise Class To dream of being in a dance exercise class represents your attempt to keep up with other people. You may be trying to show that you are just as good as others while being in sync with their beliefs or values. Example: A man dreamed of being in a dance exercise class.… Read More »

Dancing dreams meaning

Dancing To dream of dancing with someone represents an area of your life where there is harmony or things are doing what they are supposed to be doing. Co-operative balance. Being in lockstep with other people or a situation. You may be feelings pleased about how a particular situation or relationship is going. Alternatively, dancing… Read More »