Cutlass dreams meaning

By | May 4, 2019



Cutlass dreams meaning


To dream of a cutlass represents taking severe action as a last resort. Conflict or confrontation that is only used if all else fails. A dramatic action of separation only if you absolutely feel there are no other options. Confidence that you will make a serious action only if a problem gets out of hand.

Negatively, a cutlass may be a sign that you aren’t serious about making a big change. False threats or big claims of serious action that you don’t really want to take. Thinking someone else is stupid enough to believe a big promise about change. Threats you’ve made to others if they push you too far. An unwillingness to be serious about change until a problem gets too serious to avoid. Being lazy or making excuses about seriously cutting negative influences out of your life.

Example: A young man dreamed of being at a wedding and chasing a dirty “vermin” creature with a cutlass. In waking life the young man was having problems quitting smoking weed and as a last resort option was considering throwing anything related to marijuana in his house in the garbage if his cravings got too strong.



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