Crystal Ball dreams meaning

By | May 4, 2019

Crystal Ball dreams meaning

Crystal Ball

To dream of a crystal ball represents your outlook on the future. Feeling that you have perfect clarity in a situation or an intelligent idea about what a future situation will be like. Future projections of the future may be like based on current events or what you expect might happen.

Negatively, a crystal ball may reflect non-objective assumptions about the future or fearing the future.

To dream of a black crystal ball may reflect a bleak or scary outlook of the future. It may also reflect an outlook of the future that is excessive in some way.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a crystal ball with a rainbow in it. In waking life he had just changed his mind about suing an old friend because of new evidence that showed his old friend wasn’t solely responsible for a loss. The crystal ball with the rainbow reflected his outlook about the future harmonizing itself due to the new evidence.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a black . In waking life she found out that she had cancer and what her chances of living were.  call may have reflected her fear of death in her future.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing floating over her head while she laid in bed. In waking life he was housewife who was studying a course to help her get a job a later time. The may have reflected her insecurities about a potentially impossible or bleak job outlook in her future.



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  1. Inger

    I dreamed about 3 crystal/glass balls or orbs. I was trying to obtain them and keep them safe from others as soon as I had them or cane close they disappeared. I met up with someone in a secret place near a pond covered with lily pads which was compromised in the end however I was able to retrieve 1 orb by putting some lilly pads aside grab through the mud ( I couldn’t see it but somehow knew it was there) and grab it in my hand. I pulled it up easy and inside the orb was another blue orb. Then I woke up… really weird. What does this mean?


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