Cryogenics dreams meaning

By | May 4, 2019

Cryogenics dreams meaning


To dream of being preserved with cryogenics represents being stuck in the past, or forced to live with a problem until a solution is found. Cryogenics may also symbolize issues that can’t be fixed with current beliefs. Putting your problems on hold until a more intelligent solution is found.

Alternatively,  may reflect punishment or crippling consequences that can’t be escaped until a very positive new mindset is excepted. Karma that can’t be escaped until you change your ways or mature. “Freezing” someone until they want to grow up.

a dream emphasizes the importance of trying new ideas or changing current belief systems.

Negatively,  may reflect feelings about intentionally preventing people from making progress or fixing their problems until it’s too late. Intentionally wasting people’s time believing that the future will be better while you hold them back.



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