Cruise Control dreams meaning

By | May 5, 2019

Cruise Control dreams meaning

Cruise Control

To dream of using the cruise control function on a vehicle represents confidence about how fast you are going with a decision you’ve made. Feeling that you don’t need to waste your time paying attention to every detail while progressing with choice you’ve made. Feeling that it’s easy to fast track your life some way.

Negatively, cruise control in a dream may reflect a naive or nonobjective view of an easy situation you are involved in never getting difficult or requiring experience. Thinking that you will always be able to easily “cruise” through a situation. Naively thinking you are an expert.

To dream of cruise control that can’t be stopped may reflect your growing doubts or insecurities about how easy a decision you’ve made is. Feeling that you may have miscalculated how easy something was going to be. Feeling stuck with a choice you’ve felt was going to be easy.

Example: A woman dreamed of being unable to stop the cruise control on her car. In waking life she had left her husband to get an education and was beginning to feel that her school life was moving to fast for her comfort level. She realized that fast-tracking her education was easier said than done.



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