Crowds dreams meaning

By | May 5, 2019

Crowds dreams meaning


To dream of being in a large crowd of people represents a need for space, privacy, or, solitude. You may feel that you can’t think clearly or be honest about you real feelings. Feeling forced to conform with others or unable to be yourself. Your own opinions not counting or mattering. Anxiety about being embarrassed in front of a large group of people in a waking life social situation.

Alternatively, being in large crowd may represent a overwhelming sense of consensus or social support. Being on the “same page” as everyone you know on an issue. Overwhelming agreement. Feelings about having a lot of people being interested in your ideas or goals.

To dream of seeing a large crowd of people that you are not apart of may represent feelings of being left out. Feeling that everyone else has a view that you don’t agree with. It may also reflect feelings of others not thinking for themselves. A reflection of individuality on some issue.

To dream of an unruly crowd may represent the potential for a “boiling point” to be reached on some issue that is getting out of hand. Pressing concerns or problems that are starting to go a bit overboard. Someone may be too insensitive to your feelings or too neglectful of your needs.

To dream of a happy crowd may represent a strong social support system.

Dreams about crowds are also common to people who experience social anxiety about larger groups of people.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a large crowd of people walking away from him. In waking life he was beginning to feel that he was being abandoned by a number of people close to him. He felt that the initial overwhelming support he was getting from people interested in investing in his was waning as he failed produce evidence of progress they needed.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of standing in a very crowded place with all the people staring at her. In waking life her bossed had embarrassed her in front of all her co-workers.



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  1. Taylovak

    To the writer who made this,
    Thank you for helping me understand what crowd dreams means because they always confused me. it’s totally accurate. Three times have I dreamed about people with whom I know & don’t know. They’ve all been wonderful. What is your name? Out of gratitude, I would like to give a contribution, do you have pay pal?

  2. Lilibeth

    Hello, help me interpret my dream.

    Last night about 3:00am, i dreamt that i was seated in the middle of a circle of women each carrying a baby.
    We were all seated on wet grass probably expecting something like a show or something else.

    I am a female

  3. Searching

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  4. Searching

    My friend told me she dreamed that I was rich,I’m unemployed and looking for who

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