Creatine dreams meaning

By | May 5, 2019

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To dream of creatine supplements represents feelings about having an advantage to noticeably help yourself increase your power. Certainty about choices or advantages that will make you stronger or less likely to be ignored. Strength that you feel is easily attained if you make use of a certain advantage. A wiser attitude about how to make yourself stronger in some way. Awareness of your enemies weakening if you keep trying something. Awareness of something that helps you become stronger.

Negatively, creatine in a dream may be a sign that you are too concerned with showing off to proving yourself to others that you could become noticeably stronger than them if you take advantage of a certain option. Scaring or threatening others that they may will watch you become easily stronger than them if you make a certain choice. Arrogant insights in how to make yourself stronger in some way. Insulting other people that you would take advantage of an immoral opportunity to make yourself stronger then them. Awareness of yourself talking to people about how to get stronger in a way that doesn’t respect other people’s feelings. Awareness of people that are blocking you in life easily getting weaker if you keep using an advantage you’ve discovered.

Example: A man dreamed of being in a cafeteria with creatine pills on the table. In waking life he was telling people about an idea he had to give himself a more powerful advantage over others when the people he was telling felt it was arrogant of him to think that way.



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