Crack Cocaine dreams meaning

By | May 6, 2019

Crack Cocaine dreams meaning

Crack Cocaine

To dream of crack cocaine represents your dependency on something that feels good and is horrible having to give up. A bad decision that you know is bad, but do anyway knowing you may lose all you’ve worked for. Losing all your power just to feel good. Lust, attraction, or bad habits that you destroy yourself to keep feeling. Feelings of safety, pleasure, or comfort that you prefer before all rational thinking.

A symbol that may appear when you are having a really hard time getting over someone you like that is dangerous for you.

Example: A man dreamed of police raiding a crack house. In waking life he was trying his hardest to get over a ex-girlfriend that he felt was too beautiful to let go of.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being in a crack house. In waking life he was taking a lot of cancer drugs that she felt totally dependent on while ruining her life with other symptoms.

To dream of a crack house may represent a perspective on a situation that feels hopelessly dependent. Hopeless addiction to pleasure that destroys you. An awareness of yourself or others participating in a behavior that you know will create hopeless addiction. Feeling that you are surrounded by people who can’t overcome their need for pleasure even if it ruins them or humiliates them. Choosing to give up doing anything else in your life.

Ambition or responsibility feels permanently abandoned to enjoy something that is bad for you. Experiencing a situation where it feels that using your will power in impossible because it feels too good. A pleasurable situation that feels impossible for anyone you know to reject. Situations where giving up all you power to an addictive pleasure is dangerously easy.

Negatively, a crack house may reflect a choice to accept yourself being permanently addicted to something that makes you a loser. Enabling others with pleasure that you know they is too strong from them to ever discontinue again.

Crack houses in dreams commonly reflect addiction to pornography or sex that destroys your interest to having a healthy relationship. Allowing your sex addiction to destroy other areas of your life. Choosing to masturbate watching pornography before ever wanting a relationship.



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  1. Earthlight

    Last night I dreamt that my partner and his ex wife were using crack cocaine together, and my brother and I caught them all I don’t know what this means but I was so upset in my dreams and I spent the whole dream trying to steer them away from it


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