Convertible dreams meaning

By | May 6, 2019

Convertible dreams meaning


To dream of a convertible car represents feelings of enjoying having nothing to stop you with your decisions or choices. Loving being in control of your life all the time. Enjoying being in control of the direction a situation is taking. Feeling good about nobody ever saying no to you. Feeling good about your life always doing what you want. Feeling good being boss or a leader.

Alternatively, dreaming about a convertible car may represent enjoyment of your lifestyle choices.

Negatively, a convertible car may reflect enjoyment of your life that is going overboard or being inconsiderate of others feelings. Enjoying being in control too much. An inconsiderate attitude about other people being more passive or less of a winner than you. Not concerning yourself with putting family first.

Dreams of convertibles may show up when you are doing well at work or enjoying dating.

A red or black convertible is symbolic of negative or excessive enjoyment of your life. Your choices or goals may be easily realized, but your intentions may not be genuine or balanced. Abusing freedom or control.

Example: A man dreamed of his convertible car running out of gas. In waking life he was dying of AIDS. The dream may have reflected his feelings about the disease draining his financial resources or hampering his ability to keep his usual freedom loving lifestyle.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being on a convertible airplane. In waking life he was experiencing a lot of success at work and was debating whether or not to take a promotion in another city.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of driving in  with her ex-boyfriend and hearing him tell her that it was okay to let him out of the car. In waking life she broke up with her ex-boyfriend a year earlier and was beginning to enjoy dating again while also struggling emotionally to move on from her ex. In this case the convertible may have reflected her feelings about enjoying the freedom to start dating again and feeling confident about it.



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