Communists dreams meaning

By | May 8, 2019

Communists dreams meaning


To dream of communists represents feelings about conformity and equal treatment being more important than feeling good. Feeling that people are insensitive about making you conform to certain rules. No special treatment.

Negatively, communists may reflect feelings about people being mean to you or completely unconcerned with your feelings because treating you special is not allowed. Pain or a crisis may be treated inconsiderately due to schedules or policies. Being annoyed that feeling good is not important because conformity and equal treatment are more important.

Example: A young man dreamed that the Communist Party was going to execute him. In waking life he had a serious injury and his felt that his teachers at school didn’t care. He felt that he teachers expected conformity and no special treatment for anyone even if something negative or unfair happened even if it meant he would fail at school.



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  1. Edgar Bañuelos

    I just woke up from a dream where my ex-girlfriend’s father was a communist and was advocating for it. My ex definitely hasn’t been nice to me in recent months since we broke up two years ago. Though her father’s feelings for me do not reflect hers. He’s still cool.


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