Closet dreams meaning

By | May 10, 2019

Closet dreams meaning


To dream of a closet represents things about yourself that you hide because you don’t want anyone else to know about them, or because you are not comfortable accepting them in yourself. Area of your life that you choose to put away. Difficult issues you don’t fell comfortable discussing.

Negatively, a closet may reflect problems with honesty or repressing yourself. Putting off revealing the truth because it’s too embarrassing.

Alternatively, a closet may reflect problems or fears that you believe are waiting for you.

To dream of putting something in your closet may reflect a wish to hide something about yourself or avoid embarrassment. Intentionally keeping something about yourself a secret.

To clean a closet symbolizes becoming more comfortable with who you are. Being more accepting of your own past or aspects of your own personality that you may not have previously been very comfortable with.

To dream of a monster in may reflect concerns about a dangerous or unfair aspect of your life that you want to keep hidden. A part of life that you feel is terrible and scary if acknowledged.

Example: A young boy had recurring nightmares about a lawnmower coming out of his to get him. In waking life he had his toes and foot cut off by a lawnmower. The dream may have reflected his fear of the lawnmower waiting to hurt him again if he ever took it out of the garage again.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being inside . In waking life she was pregnant and had anxiety about having to tell anyone about it.




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  1. TailsNTales

    I have had a dream about a dark shadow hand reaching out of a wardrobe… I am still trying to figure it out tho.


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