Claustrophobia dreams meaning

By | May 9, 2019

Claustrophobia dreams meaning


To dream of having claustrophobia represents your fear of commitment or limiting yourself to anything. You don’t like feeling chained to anything. You may be sensitive about not having your own space or the ability to change plans whenever you want.

Alternatively, dreaming of may be a sign that you feel a problem in your life is impossible to escape from or becoming too limiting to bear. You may feel that your options keep shrinking. You may benefit from speaking to friends or family about your problems. It may also be a sign that you might need to tell someone to back off. You may feel overprotected.



3 thoughts on “Claustrophobia dreams meaning

  1. Cap'n Slipp

    False (at least for me). A claustrophobic dream means you’re feeling trapped. Simple, obvious, straight-forward psychology— no magic or mysticism necessary.

  2. CallurBS

    That’s pretty much the same thing the explanation stated. You simply reworded it in simpler terms….

  3. Rhonda

    I have alot of vivid dreams. I always have. Last night I had a dream that I was fully aware that I was dreaming and I coildnt wake myself up from. My self diagnoses. I have been stressed and trapped in life! I hate these dreams. Very scarey and emotionally draining.


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