Classical Music dreams meaning

By | May 9, 2019

Classical Music dreams meaning

Classical Music

To dream of classical music represents sensitive feelings about noticing everything happening in situation being respectable and lovely. Cultivating a “lovely” atmosphere or pleasant mood to others.

Positively, classical music may reflect encouraging an atmosphere where you and others do not want to notice anything dangerous happening at all. Drowning out feelings about a negative situation that is happening. Keeping upbeat or purposely overlooking bad things happening so nobody feels bad. Sensitivity about a situation being “lovely” only. Situations where you are trying hard to respect your people’s feelings.

Negatively, may reflect uptight feelings about noticing anything unpleasant. A mood that feels pressured into acting like a wonderful person. A situation where you or someone else is too dramatic or too sensitive. Exhausting yourself avoiding caring about or draw attention to the real problem.



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