Civil War Reenactment dreams meaning

By | May 9, 2019

Civil War Reenactment dreams meaning

Civil War Reenactment

To dream of a Civil War Reenactment represents paying careful and close attention to details. Doing everything you can to make sure a situation is perfect. You or someone else that is very focused on noticing details. It may also reflect attentive research that is being done.

Example: A woman dreamed of speaking to a man who was a civil war reenactor. In real life she was speaking to an experienced researcher about a problem she had. The Civil War Reenactment represents the attentive research that the researcher discussed with her.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of replacing someone in a role for a civil war reenactment that someone else didn’t show up for. In waking life he had to do a lot of medical research for his father because he was too lazy to do it for himself. The role of civil war reenactor that he had to take over reflected his careful attention to details regarding his fathers health.



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