City dreams meaning

By | May 9, 2019

City dreams meaning


To dream of a city represents social interaction. Your social atmosphere. How your social interaction with other people feels. Positively, it reflects a need to get along with others or to care about others needs. Being polite or getting along smoothly. The give and take of interactions and relationships. The condition of your friendships or family life.

To dream of seeing a city across a body of water represents social activity you expect to experience after confronting an uncertain or negative situation. How you are going to get along with someone or a group of people after you face a problem.

To dream of seeing a city in the distance represents your expectations of what social activity will be like in the near future. Feeling that you are close to having to talk to people a lot after a period of keeping yourself about an issue.

To dream of an unfamiliar city represents unfamiliar or uncomfortable social situations. Not being sure what to say to people or how to act around a new crowd. Positively, dreaming of an unfamiliar city may reflect positive social interaction with others that was unexpected. Meeting people you never met before or old relationships maturing in new ways.

To dream of an empty city may reflect feelings about how empty your social life feels. Wanting to talk to people or get along with people, but nothing is happening in your life to encourage it. Feeling that nobody likes you.

Example: A woman dreamed of a disaster occurring in a city that killed 10 million people leaving her as one of the few survivors. In waking life she was experiencing a major setback with a recovery of her broken arm. The dream may have been a reflection of her return to the hospital while feeling isolated and scared by her condition worsening. She may have also felt that her condition worsening was scaring all her friends without anyway to keep them all up to date.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a city totally destroyed and left in ruins. In waking life she had broken up with her boyfriend and her entire social circle with him was lost with the breakup.



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