Circus dreams meaning

By | May 9, 2019

Circus dreams meaning


To dream of a circus represents a situation in your life that is chaotic or out of control. Disorganization. Noticing everyone around you acting “crazy”, unusual, or unpredictable. Negatively, a circus may represent the possibility of being lured into a dangerous situation.

To dream of working for the circus represents decisions or habits of yours that may make other people think your life is chaotic or dangerous. It may also reflect an unpredictable work environment.

Consider the various acts you see in your dream for additional symbolism.

Alternatively, in a dream may reflect how stupid or crazy you feel people are intentionally behaving in a situation. An intelligent observation about how “full of crap” or over-dramatic, or excessively ambitious. Experiencing people that will do whatever it takes to be the most impressive person in a competition. Observing people doing whatever it takes to stand out.

Example: A man dreamed of being at the . In waking life he was unemployed and felt that the job market was ridiculously chaotic with people lying and competing aggressively to get a job.



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