Cinderella dreams meaning

By | May 10, 2019

Cinderella dreams meaning


To dream of Cinderella represents an aspect of your personality that is wonderful, yet poorly treated. You or someone else that doesn’t get the respect or appreciation they deserve.

Alternatively, Cinderella may reflect a situation in your life where you have to meet a deadline or face embarrassment. Negatively,  may reflect enjoying a dangerous situation knowing you can’t enjoy it forever.

Example: A young woman dreamed wearing  dress and then having to change it to a more formal dress. In waking life she was enjoying the prospect of being pregnant after missing her menstrual cycle while not testing to verify it and then suddenly realized she had to get serious about the situation and get a test done. The dress may have reflected her feelings about how wonderful it felt to risk being pregnant while knowing she would have to get an abortion if she ever found it she was for real.



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