Cigar dreams meaning

By | May 10, 2019

Cigar dreams meaning


To dream of a cigar represents feelings of triumph or celebrating your power. Enjoying feeling in control of a situation. You are enjoying success, new levels of power, or feel vindicated. Total confidence in a dangerous or risky action that you know will work out for you. Feeling vindicated with unquestioned power. Feeling unstoppable. Powerful actions that “speak louder than words.” Feeling good never having to explain why you are powerful. Proven masculine power. Basking is achievement from risk-taking. Professional risk-taking.

Negatively, cigar may reflect enjoyment of humiliating other people in a powerful way. Enjoying supremacy or dominance that is unquestioned. Full awareness of yourself abusing power. Feeling good being a powerful jerk. Feelings of being in total control over a dishonest situation. Feelings about being a bigger jerk than someone else. Pride in powerful criminal behavior. Feeling good being mean to weak people. Awareness of yourself abusing someone with your authority or superior power. Over-confidence or bravado. Pride in dishonesty that overpowers honesty. Pride in humiliating authority with unquestioned power.

Example: A man dreamed of smoking cigars. In waking life he was taking very dangerous risky actions with his business to overpower a competitor he wanted to humiliate. He successfully carried out these dangerous risky actions and enjoyed new success that allowed him to calmly laugh at his competition with a renewed sense of superiority.



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