CIA dreams meaning

By | May 10, 2019

CIA dreams meaning


To dream of the CIA represents feelings about infiltration and sabotage in order to protect a free state of mind. Taking stealth actions to attack people who are criminal, arrogant, overbearing, excessively selfish, or wish to subvert honest intentions. You or someone else who is willing to become a criminal in order to sabotage other criminals. A fearless underhanded attempt to maintain decency. Lying or cheating for a good cause. Feeling that rules don’t matter if it means the someone bad will lose. Feelings about having a secret weapon to maintain your freedom.

Negatively, the CIA may reflect a corrupt attitude about sabotaging other people so that you can continue to maintain your freedom to be corrupt. An arrogant attitude about losing. Sabotaging people who embarrass you that you aren’t perfectly free to do as you want. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings of embarrassment at how far someone honest will go to sabotage your dishonest goals.



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